Thursday, 11 August 2016

[Article] 'Goblin' writer Kim Eun Sook's concern...Nara? Nana? That is the problem

Girl group Hello Venus Nara and After School Nana are strong candidate for a character in writer Kim Eun Sook's new drama 'Goblin'

According to multiple broadcast rep, Hello Venus Nara appearance is designated earlier in tvN new drama 'Goblin'. Nara's casting is judgement acts of writer Kim Eun Sook because her image will matches well with the drama role.

However Nana with similar image participates in newly audition and Nara's appearance is indeed became unclear. Now Nana finished 'Goblin' audition and is waiting for final decision.

'Goblin' is a work that contains strange cohabitation of a goblin that needs human bride to end immortality life and a death angel that suffers from amnesia. It got attention earlier on as it's writer Kim Eun Sook's new drama.

The two people were proposed with role Kim Seon. Kim Seon is a lonely orphan but she seduces men using her excellent good look, and has an extraordinary(?) ability to make them open their wallet. Unawares she gradually obsessed with Wang Yeo that she met accidentally.

Previously the main cast were determined earlier with Gong Yoo will play as goblin Kim Shin, Lee Dong Wook will play as death angel Wang Yeo and Kim Go Eun will play as human bride.

'Goblin' is scheduled to be on air in December.

[Herald + Naver] 'Goblin' writer Kim Eun Sook's concern...Nara? Nana? That is the problem

Post response:

1. [+109,-4] The sub-actress is prettier than the lead actress...

2. [+61,-4] Whoever it is, they are prettier than the lead actress. What to do Kim Go Eun

3. [+66,-10] Even though Nara originally is a girl group, she had been going to audition continuously as aspiring actress. She also receives acting class. Because Nana that do well with The Good Wife is pointed, Nara that awareness is pushed become ambiguous. Ill-fated relationship between Fantagio and Pledis is ill-fated. ㅋㅋ Hello Venus also originally under both agency partnership but it failed. 

4. [+34,-3] Kim Go Eun....She doesn't match at all with Gong Yoo~~

5. [+16,-2] Their face and body are well-matched contest as for make-up. But Nana was approved and Nara is not so the production company is going to gamble or not.

6. [+53,15] I think Nara also can do well though

7. [+11,-1] The lead actor is Gong Yoo, lead actress is....???!Why??

8. [+7,-0] The role is not decided yet but article has came out.. Whoever it is, the party that makes decision will see bad attention more than good attention..

9. [+7,-0] If Nara is as good as Nana

10. [+15,-3] What? Kim Go Eun was decided??


[tvreport + Naver] Nana˙Nara, “‘Goblin’ audition”…tvN “It is not determined yet for both of them”

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1. [+28,-1] Who is Nara? Why suddenly she is rising?

2. [+33,-9] I'm really looking forward because of Gong Yoo...Kim Go Eun...ㅠMy expectation is gone

3. [+30,-8] Idol please..... Let's use actress

4. [+15,-5] This time will Gong Yoo makes Kim Go Eun famous~~~? All lead actress that act with Gong Yoo become famous. They receive Gong Yoo's lovely and import the emotion to female vieweres.... I hope lead actress like Park Bo Young is a fairy character. Human fairy^^

5. [+4,-2] I'll look forward if male idol acts kkyaak In the meantime if female singer acts, don't use idol. Duality got goosebumps.

6. [+0,-1] Now Nana is influential. She's is showing it on The Good Wife.

7. [+2,-4] Nara was the cast but reaction comes for Nana in The Good Wife so isn't the cast is changed to Nana? Really Fantagio and Pledis ill-fated relationship is great. Nara let's walk on flowery road

8. [+5,-9] I want to see Kim Go Eun quicklyㅠㅠㅠ♥


[Star News + Naver] Nana·Nara, writer Kim Eun Sook 'Goblin' strong candidate "Only going to audition"

Post response:
1. [+0,-0] Fantagio and Pledis endless ill-fated relationship


[MBN + Naver] tvN side “Nana·Nara, ‘Goblin’ appearance discussion?  Undecided”
Post response:

1. [+0,-1] Girl group Hello Venus...They have 3 visual but cannot become popular...Recently Hello Venus agency is putting great emphasis on Nara


[Ilgan Sports + Naver] 'Goblin' side "Nana·Nara casting? Decided NO…Proceeding with audition"
Post response:

1. [+8,-3] Their visual is the best...ㄷㄷ

2. [+6,-5] I'm not interest but why article keep on coming

3. [+8,-7] Nara starts from an extra, doesn't stick to small role and learn acting digently but now I want to see her to act properly for once.

4. [+4,-6] If you watch The Good Wife, you cannot help but to choose Nana

5. [+15,-10] I hope Nara will be casted

6. [+7,-8] I think Nara also can do a good job.. Heum

7. [+9,-9] If Nara is casted, it'll be fresh

8. [+5,-8] Nana~&~Nara also is fine ~^♡^~?!